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Rev. Francis Xavier Boeding

Msgr. Arnold Aloysius Boeding

Edward Otto Boeding

Elizabeth Mary (Lohman) Boeding

Father Arnold Boeding (1898-1989)

Sister Mary Cyril, OSF

Sister Mary Helen, OSF

Sister Mary Edward, RSM

Shorty Boeding

Vince and Tillie Buessing

Joseph Martin Boeding

Paul Donald Boeding

David Lawrence Boeding


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Steve Boeding


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December 18, 2011







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Genealogical data for Franz Xavier Boeding (1796 - 1878)


Franz Xavier Boeding was born on January 12,1796, in Germany. He was married to Anna Maria Lodenkamper some time before 1824. Anna Maria may have died between 1832 and 1838 and Franz remarried some time before the fourth child, Elizabeth, was born in 1839. Franz' second wife was named Elizabeth. Franz had at least six children, all of them emigrated to the United States of America. Franz died on September 8, 1878 and was buried in Calvary Cemetery, West Point, Lee County, Iowa.

Detailed in these pages are the history, some of the pictures and a few of the stories of Franz' descendants as they lived their lives in the United States of America.


Conrad Boeding (1824 - 1893)

The oldest son of Franz, Conrad, was born on March 4, 1824 in Neuenkirchen, Westphalia, Germany. He married Anna Marie Heinrichfreise on October 5, 1852 in Neuenkirchen. In 1885, Conrad and those in his family living in Germany emigrated to the United States, settling in the St. Lucas, Iowa area where his son , the Rev. Francis Xavier Boeding, was pastor of St. Luke's Catholic Church. With his oldest daughter Anna, his second son Edward Otto and the remaining youngsters of his family, the Northeastern Iowa Boedings' began to prosper.

After his second retirement in 1973, Monsignor Arnold Aloysius Boeding, Conrad's grandson, set to work compiling the family tree for Conrad's descendants. Father Arnold, as Monsignor Boeding was known to most of his closest relatives, published a list of more than 500 names of people in this family tree as well as four pamphlets containing stories, letters, photocopied documents and pictures detailing some of the history of the Boeding family. The pamphlets were truly inspirational documents centered around some of Father Arnold's closest family members and some of the Boedings that were killed during World War II. Father Arnold's advanced age and ill health kept him from publishing more of these wonderful works prior to his death in August of 1989.

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Johann Heinrich Boeding (1828 - 1902)

Johann is thought to have emigrated with his father to the United States in 1854-55 and lived in the West Point, Iowa area for the rest of his life. Census records from 1870, 1880 and 1900 indicate that Johann was a farmer and had at least 9 children. Johann, his wife, Elizabeth, and at least four of his children are buried in the Calvary Cemetery in West Point. This Boeding family and their descendants are part of the Southeastern Iowa Boedings'.


Heinrich Boeding (1832 - 1909)

Heinrich may have arrived in the United States in 1854-55 with his father's family. At the time of the 1880 Iowa Census, there were four children in this Boeding family. Heinrich, his wife, Theresa, and at least two of his children are buried in the Calvary Cemetery in West Point.


Elizabeth (Boeding) Schulte (1839 - 1916)

The only daughter of Franz, Elizabeth, was born in Neuenkirchen, Westphalia, Germany. In 1854-55, she accompanied most of her family on their way to the United States, settling in the Southeastern Iowa community of West Point. On November 14, 1861, she married Joseph Schulte in the old St. Mary's Catholic Church of West Point. For more than fifty-two years the couple occupied the same house in West Point where they brought eight children into the world. On their fiftieth wedding anniversary in 1911, three of their children were still living, their grandchildren numbered ten, with four great grandchildren.



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Eberhard Boeding (1842 - 1923)

Eberhard was a shoemaker by trade. Born in Germany, he lived most of his life in West Point, Iowa where he had his own shop. His wife Mary died in 1907, they had no children.


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Herman Boeding (1845 - 1922)

The youngest son of Franz, Herman, was born in Hanover, Germany. In 1854-55, he accompanied his family to the United States, settling in the West Point, Iowa area. He married Wilhelmina Schuette, February 10, 1874. Some time later, Herman and his family moved to Glad Valley, South Dakota. His oldest son, Gerhard (1877 - 1958), returned to West Point, Iowa some time later and married Helena Winnike on April 22, 1904, living the rest of his life in the area. Some of Herman's living descendants have provided details of this branch of the family tree, particularly those descendant from his son Gerhard. Herman's descendants that remained around the Glad Valley area are the South Dakota Boedings'.


The outline of the family tree contains more than 2800 names of the direct descendants of Franz Xavier Boeding, but there are still many missing branches. In May of 1997, Stephen Joseph Boeding, great-great-great grandson of Franz Xavier Boeding, began computerizing the work of Father Arnold and started this Web site. As this site evolves, it is hoped that updates to the tree can be published, stories from those long lost relatives will be made available, Father Arnold's pamphlets will be republished, and maybe an occasional newsletter will be posted.

What you can do to help

If you have some information about the family, would like some specific information that might already have been collected, or you just want to say hello, Email the publisher or send reglar mail to:

Boeding Family Archives

Box 444690

Garland, Texas 75044-4690

Please do not send pictures, documents, or money (people sometimes do that), all that is needed is accurate, verifiable information, specifically:


Full (maiden) name of descendant
Relationship to Franz
Date, place of birth
Date, place of death
Date, place of marriage(s)
Date, place of burial
Last known residence
Type of authentication (certificates, county records)
Supporting information


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Any of the above information that is missing (other than name and relationship) is not absolutely essential. The county where an event took place is probably as important as the city.

There will be no information published on this web site that pertains to living individuals (beyond the name and birth year), no identification numbers (drivers license, Social Security numbers, etc.), addresses or any other information that might be considered a threat to anyone's privacy. No information collected through this web site will be distributed or sold for commercial purposes and any information that a contributor desires to remain confidential will not be released to any other individuals.

Software used to maintain the genealogical data is "Family Tree Maker" ™ by Broderbund Software.

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